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I love #sleeping, it's one of my favourite things. Especially when the bed has been changed and the sheets are nice and fresh. . There has been lots of #research on sleep and many #books, #podcasts and videos on @Youtube and all the studies show just how important sleep is for the #body and #mind. . I used to stay up and #work or watch youtube videos to absorb all the tips and tricks for being a better person, better at #business, better at #marketing, better #photographer etc but then realised it was well past my bedtime and then slapped myself knowing I had to be up at 6:30am to start the day, so I was already #worryinghow tired I would be in the morning. . I'm still trying to get a better #routine but you know how life always interrupts the perfect #itinerary you have planned in your head. Here is what I have learnt from #experts in the field; . BETTER SLEEP TIPS ~ - Sleep No less and No more than 7-8 hours a day (dem's the magic hours) - Don't look at any device with a screen at least an hour before bed - Try to keep your protein down to about 20% of your daily food intake - Make sure your bedroom is completely dark and slightly cold BENEFITS OF GOOD SLEEP ARE ~ - Increased# immunity - for fighting off bugs - Increased #weight loss - yep - Better brain functionality - brain resets - Better #memory - this is when memories are stored with better recall There isn't enough room here to mention all the #benefits but if you take one thing away from this post is that sleep is as important as breathing so don't abuse it - create a nighly #ritual that puts you into a better #mindset to sleep. . Give yourself permission to have a good nights sleep and awake a new #spirit . . #socialmarketing #socialmediamarketingtips#socialmediamanager #communitymanager#digitalmarketing #instagramtips#digitalbranding #personalbranding#marketingtips

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