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You can contact me between the hours of

08:30am - 17:30pm (UK)

Mon - Fri

Mobile: +(44) 7951124279

Email:    phil@kingsvoice.co.uk

Andy Toovey,
2v Studios

Really appreciated Philip's professionalism, quick turnaround and warmth in communication. Not only is his voice fantastic, but his understanding of the nuances of the brief made his audition stand out from all the others. Hope to work with him again soon


 Matt Donovan
Co-Founder /
Director at The Shed 

We’ve worked with Phil on multiple productions and he’s an incredibly talented, versatile VO actor. He has tremendous range, is patient and highly responsive to direction, and is honestly one of the easiest people to collaborate with, which is why we continue to return to him.  Phil exceeds our expectations each time he contributes to a project.

Nick Fox, 

Nick Fox Property Mentoring

First Class  Job done by Philip King. Excellent communication throughout the project and would highly recommend him.

We will definitely use

Philip King again

the booKing process

the booKing process

step 01

Client consultation

This is the first step of my process where we get to have a conversation about your project.

Either on the phone or via Skype


step 02


Once we are both in agreement I will send you an invoice for the deposit which needs to be settled before the commencement of work.

Obviously, this may not be possible as most businesses have to generate a purchase order.

If this is the case then we will go straight to part 3 - the contract

step 03


Once the deposit is received (or we have come to an arrangement) you will be sent a contract outlining the specifics of the agreed work for you to digitally sign and return.

step 04

thunderbirds are go!

Once the contract is received, 

the work will commence as outlined in our agreement and a shared Dropbox

will be set up for your files.

(or a file share of your choice)

rates and usage

Voiceover rates

These are set rates where the content is played privately on intranets or private functions.


They are not broadcast to the public on TV, Radio, Internet or Social Media.

examples are:

  • Corporate videos

  • eLearning

  • Medical narration

  • Audio Guides

  • ELT (English language translation

  • Toys

  • Organisational Campaigns

  • Telephone response systems

  • Audiobooks

  • Voice of God (pre-recorded)​

Voiceover rates

Broadcast rates are calculated differently as there is a rate for the actual recording and then a separate rate for usage and license for broadcast to the public on TV, Radio, Internet or Social Media.

examples are:

  • TV bumpers, promos, commercials

  • Radio promos, commercials

  • Internet commercial, explainer,

  • Social Media - YouTube, Spotify etc

Usage aNd 

As the hirer, you do not own the voice recordings, you buy a licence to use the voice recordings in your product, 

For more information

click here

preferred payment methods

There are many types of way that you can pay for my services.

When you receive my invoice you will have the options of BACS or Paypal.


If you are in a hurry and want me to do a rush job you

can pay the deposit (50% of total cost) via Paypal










Once I have received your deposit and script I will get the files to you as soon as possible.

Projects I am proud of...

Genre: Promotion

Director: Matt Donovan

Voiceover: Philip Brett King 

Recorded: Directed via WhatsApp / WAV files sent to the client

Equipment: SeElectronic SE-X1, Focusrite 2i2 mk2, Reaper DAW 


I was a bit apprehensive about my performance on this project as I could tell it was an important and moving subject.

Luckily I had the fantastic direction from Matt Donavan to guide me through their artistic vision.

Once I saw the video in its completion I was quite moved and very proud to have worked with some amazing people and to have helped communicate an important subject


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Then all you have to do is put my email into your
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either way its






Once we have had our little chat and you decide to go ahead and book me, I will then send you an invoice and a contract to return.

I will start work as soon as I receive the contract.


I look forward to working with you

Kindest regaRds