What is the best pre-amp to use for my microphone?

~ S T U D I O T E C H ~

No. 3 - The Pre Amp: The pre-amp is used to connect your xlr microphone to your computer. I’ve heard that the new usb mics coming out now are really good and the need for a pre-amp isn’t needed for some uses. However, I use a preamp to power my microphone and have the additional options of a second mic which is good for #podcast face/to-face interviews or if you are a voiceover like me 2 separate mics that have different qualities for speech and singing. They are also handy if you play an electronic instrument, I regularly plug in my bass guitar when I’m in the mood for some music therapy. There are many out there but I personally use the 2I2 2nd Generation from @wearefocusrite #focusrite2i2 which allows me to deliver my broadcast quality audio.

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