​Do you ever have that feeling, that you were destined for something greater? Do you have a hole that you keep trying to fill with food, stuff and #socialmedia likes but you never get to fill it?

A few years ago, when I was working my 9-5. I had this overwhelming sensation that there must be more to #life than what I was already #living.

Don't get me wrong, I am truly #grateful for the #friendship, #companionship and #lovefrom my darling fiance.

And I am truly grateful for my #health, both #physical and #mental and for all the #family, #friends and material things that I had in my life...I'm not #moaning or whining or #complaining ... I am truly grateful for everything in my world...but!

Nipping at my ear, growing in my belly, clouded in my mind there is a thing; I can't quite put my finger on it, it's there eating away bit by bit from the inside.

What was it? Hope...for something better; newer maybe? I'm always trying new things, whether it's photography (@hobbitonshire), #MartialArts ( #TaiChi #WingChun), playing a #musical instrument ( #Bass rocks? but I want to try the cello), always trying or thinking of something different, and as I get older and wiser i'm always digging that little bit deeper than I normally would, like a #dog with a bone.

Then I saw a #Youtube video featuring a Mr @bill_dewees he is a #voiceovertalent and his videos explained how, what and why he did #voiceover. For some reason this really appealed to me as I had once looked into being a #voiceartist over 15 years ago when I worked for Associated Newspapers but the speed at which technology has evolved now meant it could be done at home. This put a big smile on my face and I started to research everything and anything related to the world of #Voiceover and to my astonishment uncovered an amazing new world.

After 4 years I have taken what started as a keen interest and turned it into an actual #business and for the time being my hole is filled to the brim with possibilities and a new injection of energy from the #passion I have for my adventure.

I don't believe you can run a business on passion alone, you need to have a #balance between being a business person and a passion for the business; and if that balance tips one way or another you either lose your passion or your business flops (probably why i'm a #libra).When I say #passion, it is not purely for voiceover although a large portion of me loves to perform.

This is maybe a side step from the quote from @Oprah above but its my story about my passion for the process of things from the 'Not being a talented #successful voice artist to becoming one' . I have found that my greatest joy, when I am in my element is when I am helping people to help themselves.

If anyone asks me for advice, I would freely give it and then some.

Passion is good... if you don't have any...go and get some!

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