I'm going to let you into a little secret! I am an #introvert ! I know what you're thinking but you are a voice actor/artist (whatever).

I know crazy huh. So when you start telling me I have to #network to increase the scale-ability of my business that is when I start to withdraw from the world around me into my comfortable shell.

I love the quiet, the calm, the huge open spaces so why would I choose to work in a 3 x 4 foot vocal booth. I know it sounds the complete opposite to my hobby (landscape photographer) but the thing is when I am inside my booth it cuts out everything, and I mean everything. I am alone and in my foam coated cocoon where I can allow my imagination to run wild, to bathe in the infinite resources of my imagination and produce something epic.

So to all introverts everywhere, embrace the quiet, as it is in these moments that we give our best to the world. And don't worry about the networking, keep persistently doing your own authentic you and you will find a way to grow your business your way

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