We are currently living in the greatest ever #business era, where anyone with a #skill or an #idea and the #confidence can turn it into a viable business. I used to be one of those people that compared myself to others that had the #luck or uncanny way of making #money. Our #family would all eagerly wait for the #lottery results only to lose and exhale a sigh and say ‘nevermind back to #work on Monday’ or ‘ we were never meant to be #rich anyway’, but now I know differently. Luckily, in my quest of #self-improvement I have been open to all perspectives and my mind has been opened. One value that has increased my own #success and that of my clients has been gratitude, not that I don’t already have #gratitude but when you physically #writedown every morning what you are grateful for you start to understand how fortunate you really are and your true #value. For me it’s making every #voiceover#audition count, making each client #feel they are getting what they wanted and more, making sure I utilise every atom of my being in becoming the #best that I can be so I can give the best in everything I do because I owe it to all those less fortunate than myself. Gratitude has taught me that I am already rich in #life and #love. As for money 💰 ... well I know I am worthy to receive my own fair share of that too. Thank you to: @garyvee, @thebeastofbusiness, @robmooreprogressive, @thw_marketing, @andrewandpete and of course my darling Rachel ♥️

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