~Ask Better Questions~

Well #Stevejobs actually said the secret to #success is to keep asking - Why doesn't it work?" . But because of the way our brains work some questions get twisted and perceived as negative. For example If I was to ask you NOT to think of a Pink Elephant ? You are thinking of one right now , aren't you? So asking yourself 'why you can't get that #promotion comes out as 'You can't get the promotion-Why?' and then you start to come up with the reasons of why you didn't get it which leads to doubting yourself. . So, rather than asking yourself negative questions like: ~ Why can't I get that client to buy my product or work with me? ~ Why can't I attract more business? . Start asking different questions like: ~ What can I do to make my #business more #memorable ? ~ What are the #attributes that make me the best #choice for the client? ~ How do I make it easy for clients to see how #valuable I am? ~ How can I show people how #passionate and #determined I am?

These sort of questions #inspire and #create new #opportunities , they lead to #action and they will generate #results. (Craig Beck - Unstoppable)

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