What gets you up in the morning? . It’s a simple question but an important one. . Do you get up at the crack of Dawn (sorry Dawn) to go and work your fingers to the bone for someone else or are you one of the rare 20% that ‘do it for themselves’? . In 2010 my to be fiancé gave me a camera 📷 I’m a #creative kind of chap and mixed with my #obsessive compulsive way of mastering a #skill I set about the craft of #photography. Every day after #work I would go out on my little scooter to the nearest sunset and take pictures until it was dark or if it was in the winter I would sit at my computer processing the images I had taken at the weekend. After roughly 4 years of doing this I had a nice portfolio of images, a #Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) held numerous #exhibitions ( well about 4 to be precise) and sold just enough images to break even. . Whether the time taken to get to this proficiency was 10,000 hours or more I’m not quite sure, but suffice to say the enjoyment of the #craft made me feel like I had done it all my life. . So, I’m a photographer then? Yes and no, I love photography but I’m not a photographer by profession (at least not yet). I’m a creative who was looking for a means to leave my 9-5. Why do I not make a living from photography? That’s for another day, the point I’m trying to make here is that from that process of perfecting my craft I actually found that I had learnt to learn in a more efficient way... which leads me to my #voiceover #career. . As to the why? Well why not, other people have done it for years so I knew it was a legitimate career decision. It was more of the ‘How’ that interested me more. I knew it wasn’t a get #rich quick profession and I knew I would have to put in the hours and invest in the proper training and meet with like minded people. . Because, I had the skills to learn more efficiently I was able to work on every aspect in a methodical and logical way slowly building on my craft as a #voice artist and in only 2 years working around 2-3 hours per night #auditioning, building my #brand, growing my social media I was able to say goodbye to my old life and say hello to my new one.
To say I was 💩 #scared is an understatement but I have an incredible woman who is my rock in this world and who makes anything I do... just work! . I wake up every morning for myself and my dearest Rachel and In the end my #family and #friends benefit as a result. . I read somewhere ‘You can do anything you want to in life, you just can’t do everything’ so I just #focus on what I like doing and then going helms-deep into it. It’s the #process and the journey not the end result that yields the greatest #rewards. . Oh yeah, one more thing, you don’t need anyone’s #approval but if you feel you do then listen to me; ‘ you have my approval’ now go kick some ass!

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