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In the film ‘IronMan’ (2008) with @robertdowneyjr Tony Stark sets about making his first prototype Iron suit in a damp, dimly lit cave using parts from a nuclear missile and then goes on to make other prototypes throughout the series of #Marvel films ending up with a Nano-technology suit in the latest #Avengers film. . This is of course a fiction but the fact I am trying to make is that he treated the ‘things’ around him as materials rather than the intended purpose of the ‘thing’. . In the context of my Voice over business I needed a professional broadcast quality recording studio but I initially didn’t have the funds to buy one and I live in rented accommodation so building one was also not an option. . So in the vain of Tony Stark, I set about how to create my studio. After hours of idea generation, I decided upon the studio I have today, 4 years later. A fully functioning vocal booth that hangs in suspension in my office space. It is not soundproof, but it is acoustically treated to allow me to record at a broadcast level. It allows me to record via ISDN/ipDTL to studios around the world in real time and be directed by my clients, or a lot of the time they trust me to self-direct and just pop the recording in our shared cloud folder, simplzzz. . You may have noticed that I didn’t explain how I erected such an awesome booth, well I’m not going to, it’s not a secret but I just want you to use your brain rather than just get it handed to you on a silver platter. Lets just say it uses, curtain tension rods, curtains and lots of different foam panels in a 4x3.5ft space. . Your space may be different, your business may be different but the practice is the same for everyone, don’t think outside the box, get rid of the dam box and just utilise things as materials rather than their intended purpose. . Did you know Brian May from #Queen, built his guitar from an old fireplace and a knitting needle? . Now that’s resourcefulness!!!

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